Dine & Dive

Dine & Dive offers entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada the opportunity to meet with an Advisor Pod over a dinner to undergo a ‘deep dive’ on their business and its key challenges. This consists of up to 3 hours of interactive dialog among the group to work through issues, provide advice or network to help you work through those challenges. You are welcome to choose a dinner in any city listed regardless of where you reside.

Advisors volunteer their time to review the entrepreneur's business documents and come to the dinner. There is no commitment past reviewing materials and participating at the dinner. We have created several‘Advisor Pods' (groups of 3-4 business leaders) who will advise together at up to 3 dinners per year. We have grouped everyone so that each pod is well rounded in most, if not all, of the key challenge areas.

Our mission at the Institute is to “help entrepreneurs have a better chance of success”. To that end, WMI is covering the cost of the deep dive dinner.

We offer a variety dates and cities to choose from for a Dine & Dive and the Client registration is updated regularly with new dates the Advisor Pods make available.

If this is of interest to you and you would like to participate in a Dine & Dive, please go to the link below to register, choose a date and pod and we will follow up to confirm the dinner with you via email.

Register for your Dine & Dive: https://www.getfeedback.com/r/EiFl3n06

Helpful information on One & Dive and our Advisors:

Advisor Pods by City

List of Advisors by Key Challenge Area

Dine and Dive Notes for Clients

If you are an experienced business leader in Atlantic Canada who would like to pay it forward by volunteering to advise in up to 3 dinners per year in your community, we invite you to register with our program as an Advisor and choose the areas in which you are comfortable advising.

Please register here: https://www.getfeedback.com/r/2HdsJa5X