workshop leader


Doug Wyles
Wyles & Associates Inc.
St. Andrews, New Brunswick


DR. DOUG WYLES is the President of Wyles & Associates Inc., a Canadian company specializing in the design and delivery of leadership development seminars.

Dr. Wyles is a dynamic and engaging international workshop leader, traveling over 170,000 miles each year to present seminars to both public and private companies. Professional, passionate and knowledgeable, he is a compelling speaker who is always entertaining and very informative.

He is currently a Professor at Rutgers University and teaches Leadership and Negotiations in the Executive MBA program held in Beijing, Shanghai and Singapore.

After many years of consulting to major global companies he has become the personal coach to many senior executives. Dr Wyles helps them on a variety of topics ranging from strategic planning, to leading change, to building an effective team, to dealing with human resource issues.

For his larger clients he helps them to establish their global leadership competencies and the training courses to support the competencies. Through pre and post 360 degree leadership assessment, Dr Wyles determines the effectiveness of the learning and the competencies.

Dr. Wyles always focuses on three principles:
1. Adult learners want the practical aspects of leadership not only the theoretical
2. Student participation accelerates learning
3. An open, relaxed atmosphere fosters a questioning mind.

Dr. Wyles has an extensive list of credits that include: authoring books and articles, involvement in training films, conducting personnel and market research, developing customized training programs and delivering keynote addresses.

He is a graduate of the University of Toronto, San Diego State University and the University of Utah. His Ph.D. studies focused on organizational development.

He is committed to helping organizations meet their goals while addressing the needs of the individual worker.