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Dec 3 PQA - Holiday bonus for little angels
Nov 20 PQA expands to Nova Scotia
Nov 12 WMI Launches series of roundtables on leadership
Nov 8 PQA - Full Steam Ahead
Oct 22 NBIF Launches popular $250 business plan competition
Sept 3 Grant awarded for case studies
Aug 30 New university program to study corporate operations in the province (Telegraph Journal)
Aug 4 David Ganong Commentary (Telegraph Journal)
July 14 Cohort Memeber: Advanced Publishing(Telegraph Journal)
June 24 Cohort Memeber: Pomodori (Telegraph Journal)
June 21 Online networking a perfect medium for mixing (Telegraph Journal)
May 8 Cohort Member: Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc. (Telegraph Journal)
May 1 The New Brunswick Innovation Forum 2008, Saint John
April 21 Cohort Member: Cube Automation (Telegraph Journal)
April 9 Business leaders aiming to take entrepreneurship education into New Brunswick's schools
April 8 Cohort Member: Go-Go Gymnastics (Daily Gleaner)
April 7 Elite Group of NB's best and brightest gather for bootcamp (Telegraph Journal)
April 6 Chris Nadeau's Blog on Cohort Selection
March 20 Saint John Pitch competition
March 7 CBDC Venture Pitch (Telegraph Journal)
March 26

Deadline Approaches for NB Entrepreneurs to Participate in Cohort Program

Feb 27 Roundtable participants advocate copying tax policies (Telegraph Journal)
Feb 25 Student Entrepreneur Prize
Feb 22 Roundtable set for budding entrepreneurs (Telegraph Journal)
Feb 19 Wallace McCain Institute Collaborates with NBBC
Table Ronde sur L'Entrepreneuriat N.B.
Feb. 22nd - 23rd

Feb 18 Extreme Entrepreneur Conference Announcement
Feb 14 MBA Case Study Writing Project
Feb 14 Wallace McCain Institute Engages Youth at the eXtreme Entrepreneurship Conference
Le Wallace McCain Institute Se Concentrera Sur Les Jeunes À La Conférence eXtreme Entrepreneurship eXtrême
Jan 21 Stars come out at IT Gala (Telegraph Journal)
Jan 18 Top N.B. business leaders will guide entrepreneurs (Telegraph Journal)
Jan 16 Application Process

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