Ron Lovett - Wallace McCain Institute

Ron Lovett

Founder RFL Group Halifax, Nova Scotia  

Ron knew from a young age that he didn’t fit traditional structures. The more teachers tried to get him to adhere to the rules, the more he rebelled. With a knack for finding shortcuts and creative solutions along with zero fear of the unknown, Ron began carving his own path as an entrepreneur.

From importing Thai sandals, opening restaurants and to employing 1500 security guards across Canada, Ron discovered that in order to win in business, you must compete with the best – regardless of your industry. His wild and unorthodox entrepreneurial journey so far is defined by constant learning, fast action and outrageous empowerment – and inspired his first book Outrageous Empowerment in 2018. He sold his security company to the largest provider in the US at a 24x multiple and now focuses on his 3 companies, CFO-for-hire services, HR training for recruitment and alignment of frontline staff, and a portfolio of residential rentals in Atlantic Canada set to revolutionize affordable housing.