2iC - Second-in-Command

The Wallace McCain Institute’s mission is to “help entrepreneurs have a better chance of success”. After years of working with founders, presidents and CEOs, it is clear that the most important thing they need to succeed is not access to capital but rather access to great people to help translate their dream into reality. In order to address this need, WMI established a peer group for 2iCs (Second-in-Command) that began in the fall of 2010.  

  • “An incredible personal and professional journey that inspires development of yourself, your team and your organization.”   Janice McNeill, Phoenix Petroleum Ltd. (2iC4)
  • "This program will give you the skills and tools to mentor others to live and learn and in turn your team will enable you to be a great leader.”   Greg Dickie, Atlantic All-Weather Windows Ltd. (2iC4)
  • "The best use of my time and greatest group of likeminded people I have ever found. The time I spend at 2iC multiplies my effectiveness at work tenfold."    Jason Lee, PEI Seniors Homes (2iC7)

Listen to this video on the 2iC program featuring the 2iC moderator Kim Burkholder, program participants and CEOs of participants. Click here to see a document showing what our current members say about the program.

Target Audience

Your 2iC does so much for the company. Give back to them with this unique peer group experience. A 2iC that would be suitable for this program juggles many priorities (including putting out fires and keeping the CEO sane). They likely are the COO, GM, CFO, or VP Bus Dev and they need to grow for the company and for themselves.

Program Design

The cohort will meet once each month for nine months.  Each session will be focused on a central topic. Guest speakers will be invited to speak to the cohort and deliver their experience, stories and best practices. Please see the 2iC Program brochure for the guiding topics and application link.

Application Process

Applications are due by February 15th for the spring program in NS and July 25th for the fall program in NB. To apply, fill out the form at https://www.getfeedback.com/r/iFRxHn17.