Together, we help entrepreneurial leaders

Grow Bigger Faster

Our experiential, peer-based programs give growth-stage leaders what they need to succeed.

The Wallace McCain Institute was founded in 2006 with a generous gift from Wallace and Margaret McCain.

As co-founder of McCain Foods, Wallace McCain was a model of the energy, acumen, determination and leadership required for a successful business.

The family envisioned an organization that, “gives entrepreneurs in our region what they need to succeed.”

WMI’s purpose is to unleash Atlantic Canada’s entrepreneurial leaders, to drive them to be future ready and thrive for generations to come.

The Wallace McCain Institute Family

is made up of

  • 572+

    Atlantic Business Leaders

    High-potential, growth oriented CEO’s, Family Business Owners and Strategic Executives from across the Atlantic Region.

  • 16.7K+


    Our CEO members employ more than thirteen thousand people across Atlantic Canada.

  • $2.52 Billion+

    Annual Revenue

    Our CEO members generate more than $1.86 Billion in annual revenues.

The vision of the Wallace McCain Institute is to be the catalyst that impacts entrepreneurial leaders in the economic transformation of the Greater Atlantic Area.


more likely to succeed

  • 50%

    More likely to increase revenue

  • 2X

    More likely to hire new employees

  • 72%

    More likely to pursue growth through mergers & acquisitions


  • Entrepreneurial Leaders

    Are you a growth-stage entrepreneur in Atlantic Canada? If so, the Entrepreneurial Leaders Program (ELP) may be for you. Jump start your company’s growth with ELP.

  • Strategic Executives

    Are you a Senior Leader at a growth oriented company in Atlantic Canada? The Strategic Executives Program (SEP) may be able to help you support your company’s growth. Help build a stronger company with SEP.

  • Family Business

    Are you transitioning or have transitioned to a leadership position within your family business? If so, the ECHO program may be for you. Build your family legacy with the ECHO program.

We focus on entrepreneurs that are at a crossroads in their life & company. We surround them with experiences to inform their gut and push beyond where they ever thought they could go.

We focus on building business judgement rather than teaching text book skills.

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