ELPTM - entrepreneurial leaders program

What makes the right ELP candidate?
Hear from Nancy Mathis and some of the judges about what they are looking for as they choose the 16 member cohort of ELP each year.

As alumni members will testify – there is nothing like it to help you grow your business. Start by listening to the video testimonials at View Videos about the Program and then read about the 28 exceptional entrepreneurs just chosen on May 27, 2018 to be members of the ELP11 cohort. Click here to see a document showing what our current ELP11 members have to say about the ELP program. If the program feels like a fit for you, read below and download the application which is due on March 31st every year.

Download our program brochure.

Target Audience

A small, exceptional group of high potential entrepreneurs is invited each year to the challenging program where insights are exchanged and experiences are shared.

Participants in the entrepreneurial leaders program have businesses that are on average 5-8 years old and are ready to “bust-out” with new products, export, plant expansion and/or hiring.  They may not have much, if any, formal business education and may feel like they are “accidental entrepreneurs” who are just following a passion and now are running a business. They would increase their chances of success by adding on the honest, open, experiences of other entrepreneurs who have dealt with similar issues. Watch a quick video that describes the typical member at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2d2qac-tFwc&t=13s

Program Design

The Entrepreneurial Leaders Program chooses new members each May, and launches the programming in July.  The group meets once each month for one year.  Each session is two days in length and is focused on a central topic.

Guests are invited to speak to the member and deliver their experience, stories and best practices. Each 2-day session draws upon entrepreneurs and workshop leaders.  The program takes place in a residential retreat environment.  

Click here for a typical schedule.