news 2011

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Dec 22 Picaroons offering 12 different twists on popular ales and stouts

Dec 22 Sunny Corner Enterprises poised to put 'a lot of people to work'

Dec 8 Derek Oland receives Atlantic lifetime achievement award

Dec 6 Derek Oland: 2011 Entrepreneur Of The Year

Nov 21 A lean, mean entrepreneurial spirit

Nov 19 There is no monopoly on that next great idea

Nov 7 Lean Machine, winner in its category for the 7th Annual Maritime Business Ethics Awards

Oct 29 AnyWare Group Inc today announced ROAM 7, the latest release of its award-winning ROAM  platform

Oct 29 Lessons instilled by his father Wallace McCain led to his success and ultimately that of the Saint John Sea Dogs

Oct 28 Sentinel Systems Ltd. signs a deal that distributes its disaster planning technology to 900 municipalities

Oct 21 The Environmental Excellence Award goes to Martell Home Builders

Oct 18 Inversa Systems receives Innovation Recognition Award

Oct 1 Gene Fowler: Climbing the learning curve

Sept 28 Loogaroo launches an iPhone and iPad game for children

Sept 27 Dr Chantal Chiasson speaks of reversing effects of sun damage

Sept 27 Inversa gears up for work offshore

Sept 24 New Y gets $25K from Ross Ventures Ltd.

Sept 16 Picaroons wins Gold in two categories for Nation's best suds.

Sept 8 Derek Oland, chairman of the G. Wallace F. McCain Institute, to be honoured with lifetime achievement award

Sept 1 Young entrepreneurs gather to give G20 an earful

Aug 26 Best leaders understand when to lead and when to follow

Aug 23 Homebuilders achieve highest energy efficiency standard in North America
Aug 11 Challenging the status quo

Aug 10 A member of the Wallace McCain Institute Entrepreneurial Program to join the N.B. Business Council

Aug 6 Ganong saves on energy costs thanks to SHIFT Energy Inc

July 21 Moncton Connect's Angel Den wrap up

July 20 Mobile gymnastics company plans expansion into Moncton

July 20 Go-Go Gymnastics catapults owner into business limelight

July 15 Everything that happens to us informs our future

July 14 Monitor your home construction in real-time

July 13 Documentary by Hemmings House to air this Saturday

July 11 Future NB appoints new board

July 8 Picaroons Brewery is New Brunswick's top selling microbrew according to the liquor commission.

July 7 Sentinel Systems Ltd in the news

June 16 There's no such thing as 'growing too fast'

June 4 Postcards from Greg Hemmings

June 3 Miramichi tech fund looks to spark entrepreneurship

June 1

Mobile app-builder among entrepreneurs chosen for leadership program

Apr 7 Patience and a 'slow play' has led to business success

May 28 McKennas' donate to WMI for Miramichi IT projects

Mar 11 Atlantic Business Magazine: Let 'Em Eat Caviar

Mar 10 Success comes from a leader's willingness to fail

Mar 7 Harrison Ford endorses Ecotopia

Feb 23 Wallace & Margaret McCain donate $5 Million to continue WMI legacy

Feb 7 Province Part of Health History

Jan 26 Firm Set to commercialize infrastructure scanning device