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Fredericton Printing Company Pivots On Product Offerings, Then Blasts Off With Rebrand

FREDERICTON – After pivoting to producing new products as a result of the pandemic, Taylor Printing Group and Bounty Print have rebranded as Rocket.

The name and brand change comes a year after Taylor Printing Group acquired Halifax-based company Bounty Print in December 2019.

“With the stuff we’re doing in the technology and the digital space and we didn’t want to be pigeonholed into being seen as just a printing company,” said Scott Williams, CEO of Rocket.

Over the course of that year, the company now known as Rocket went through several changes following the outbreak of Covid-19.

In March 2019, the company began producing face shields, dividers, and floor and wall decals as a response to the pandemic.

“It just showed that as a company we are quick to react especially like everybody in the last 10 months has had to really make some quick decisions and I felt like we did that very well,” said Williams. “We want to be good at what we do and we want to be quick at what we do.”

The company manufactured hundreds of thousands of face shields after being contracted by Emergency Measures and Public Safety departments of government. They also sold their shields wholesale to larger companies across North America.

The name change also comes as Rocket continues to expand into the digital space. While they continue to offer traditional printing services, they also offer multi-channel marketing services to help businesses manage direct marketing and cross-media campaigns with a hyper-personalized focus using big data tools and technologies.

“We’re growing into different spaces and different platforms that take us to the next level,” said Kevin Johnston, VP of Marketing and Strategy. “People think we have a big Xerox printer in a room, but when people come in and do a tour, we show them the plant and they are amazed.”

Williams is confident that the rebrand to Rocket will continue to deliver the same level of service to his current customers but is hopeful it will allow the company to extend its reach.

“There’s a real concerted effort to let people know who Rocket is,” said Williams. “It’s a fun brand. We’re very professional, but there’s a fun element we want people to see.”


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