Podcast: Tracy Bell On Millennia TEA’s Journey To Sobeys And Whole Foods

Several years ago, Tracy and Rory Bell had a health scare in their family that launched a search for healthy teas rich in anti-oxidants. Everything turned out okay, but that process led them down an entrepreneurial path to the launch of a new business, Millennia TEA.

The Saint John-based company has developed an innovative product – a tea flash-frozen within hours of being picked, the best way to preserve freshness and maximize antioxidant properties.

Huddle has covered the various stages of Millennia’s growth, from their appearance on Dragons’ Den to a venture capital raise of more than $500,000 to the tea being sold in Sobeys and Safeway stores across the country.

When Mark Leger heard the news that Millennia TEA would be sold in Whole Foods Canada stores, he decided it was time for a chat with Tracy on the “Home Office” podcast, fittingly, in the old Red Rose Tea factory in Saint John.

Listen to Mark’s conversation with Tracy on this week’s “Home Office” podcast in the player above or on platforms like Apple or Spotify.

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