Five Fast Flashes Submission Page

Criteria on Submission
  • Five Fast Flashes will not be sent out more than once per week.
  • A flash should be either an event or an opportunity, such as programs and grants, for Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs/businesses.
  • Events of a purely social nature will not be published unless there is a spot left to fill.
  • Each event/opportunity, unless directly linked to WMI, will only be posted once.
  • Job postings or advertisements will never be posted.
  • We reserve the right to edit the submitted flashes and cannot guarantee that your flash will be posted but promise to do our best.

Five Fast Flashes Submission

Description: In 50 words or less, summarize your event for your target audience. Be sure to include any important details such as date/time/location, as well as the event name and sponsor/host. We will try to keep the post as close as possible to what is submitted, but submissions may be edited for grammar/spelling errors, as well as spatial considerations. The following format is strongly recommended.