Nancy Mathis - Wallace McCain Institute

Nancy Mathis

Executive Director, WMI
Fredericton, NB
WMI Moderator of ELP & ECHO
WMI Recruiter & launcher

Nancy sees herself as a serial “founder”. Her passion is centered on creating an environment where entrepreneurial leaders have a better chance of success.

Her role at the Wallace McCain Institute combines her experiences as the co-founder and innovative force behind Mathis Instruments with her teaching background at UNB. The role also enables her personal mission to “build and nurture the most highly connected community of entrepreneurial leaders in North America”. Her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering supports her calling to design practical systems, programs and frameworks necessary to undertake such a mission.

Since inception, WMI has grown to over 350 members as of fall 2019 and continues to grow at 75 new members per year. Nancy works with each cohort in their first year to establish a framework, shared mission, trust, regular meetings and norms. This work exposes her to ~40 speakers/year, which provides her with a continual supply of new ideas to incorporate into her thinking.

Nancy can be reached at

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