Paul Johnson - Wallace McCain Institute

Paul Johnson

CEO Q5X, London, ONT
Partner, Pivotal Input
WMI Moderator of ELP & ECHO
as well as alumni groups

As Executive in Residence at WMI, Paul serves as a facilitator, instructor, and mentor to entrepreneurial CEOs in Atlantic Canada.

Aside from his contract role at WMI, Paul is a partner at Pivotal Input and the CEO of Quantum 5X Systems Inc (Q5X). Pivotal Input is a firm dedicated to building successful businesses by providing active mentoring to high potential executives. Services include CEO mentoring, Executive Chairman assignments, Board of Directors appointments, strategic off-site facilitation and speaking engagements.

Q5X provides the world’s smallest broadcast quality wireless microphone systems. Q5X’s early customers were in professional sports and the company supplies Major League Baseball, the NHL, and the NBA as well as all of North America’s prominent sports broadcasters. Within their live entertainment sector, Q5X has the world’s largest wireless microphone installation at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

Paul’s prior work history includes venture capital, consultant with McKinsey & Company, and President of the world’s largest manufacturer of truck wheels. He has sat on the board of 12 private companies. Paul holds a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Paul can be reached at