Jeff Harriman - Wallace McCain Institute

Jeff Harriman

Capital Markets Specialist Financial and Consumer Services Commission of NB Saint John, New Brunswick

Jeff researches the capital market, organizes stakeholder consultations and educates stakeholders on tools and programs available to improve access to capital in New Brunswick. Jeff also participates in corporate finance activities related to continuous disclosure reviews of private and public companies.

Jeff is a Chartered Accountant, and is the FCNB’s main point of contact for our Fullsail capital markets initiatives. Currently he is working on a number of programs and initiatives relating to FCNB’s access to capital focus. Jeff joined the FCNB in June, 2007 in the Regulatory Affairs division as a Securities Analyst where his responsibilities included financial statement, and prospectus reviews. He has experience on several National Finance Committees. Prior to joining the Commission, Jeff worked for 10 years with Deloitte & Touche, LLP, 7 within Saint John and 3 in Brisbane, Australia.