Jeff Holland - Wallace McCain Institute

Jeff Holland

Hatch Mississauga, Ontario

Jeff is first and foremost a problem solver, recognizing the need to address the root causes of both specific and systemic issues, not just treat the symptoms. As a strategic thinker, he helps clients to step out of the ‘tyranny of the urgent’. This approach enables the development of more systematic, structural and strategic approaches. Jeff has spent over 30 years working in and around operations. He excels at identifying and driving operational changes that help organizations to meet the ever-changing demands on their business and their people. By focusing on organizational and individual behaviours, he designs and implements strategies that create a culture where both the business and their employees can thrive.

For 10 years, Jeff worked as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. Jeff focuses on linking operational change to the overall business strategy, mission and vision. An important part of that alignment is understanding & overcoming broader organizational issues affecting performance, health and agility such as culture, organizational design and leadership development.