Matt Symes - Wallace McCain Institute

Matt Symes

Founding Partner Symplicity Designs Halifax, Nova Scotia

Matt is a Founding Partner at Symplicity Designs. Over the last decade, he has introduce more than 400 organizations to the Principles, Methods, and Tools of Performance Excellence. He has guided the deep transformation of numerous organizations in all sectors. He has led successful transformation of companies as large as 30m in revenue to as small as a 250k service firm.

Matt has also worked to help Government improve. He co-led Symplicity’s longest transformation with the Francophone education sector in New Brunswick. Symplicity has given more than 4m to support of various Not-For-Profits. Matt has led most of these efforts, including the most recent work with the IWK Foundation & Hockey Nova Scotia.

In addition to guiding the growth of organizations across Atlantic Canada, he is in the trenches with you, scaling an organization in Atlantic Canada.