Wendy Vrooman - Wallace McCain Institute

Wendy Vrooman

Sandler Training

Wendy joined the team at Sandler Training after developing her career in the Medical Diagnostic and Health Sciences sectors. She holds a B.Sc. in Biology from Mount Saint Vincent University and feels fortunate to have partnered her love for science with her passion for business at the beginning of her career.

She spent 8 years with Precision BioLogic holding positions in Sales and Sales Management where she focused on actively listening to customers to improve their experiences with the company, as well as providing meaningful feedback into product development. Creating cross-functional strategies to drive the business forward and negotiating large, complex contracts are a few of the achievements of which she is most proud.

Wendy launched into the world of retail sales with Ascenta where she spent 4 years developing new lines and channels of business. Researching, creating the appropriate contacts and developing them into meaningful partners allowed her to drive profitable new lines of business for Ascenta.