speaker bios

Each session will have participation from invited guests and speakers that have significant business experience. Some will have founded and/or run several businesses or have led their organization through substantial changes. Speakers bring more than one approach to a given business issue and have depth in 2-3 specific functional areas that they can clearly articulate to the participants.

Monica Adair
Kelly Adams
David Alston
Jake Arsenault
David Barnett
Pierre Battah
Gary Best
Barrie Black
Laurie Bourque
John Bowles
Daryl Branscombe
Mark Breen
Lorne Brett
Paul Browning
Dr. Laurel Buckingham
Mike Burgess
Kim Burkholder
Normand Caissie
David Campbell
Dennis Campbell
Ian P. Cavanagh
Wayne Chamberlain
Tanya Chapman
Martin Chiasson
Tracy Clinch
Sheri Coburn
Kevin Comeau
Lloyd Compton
Rivers Corbett
Terri-Ann Cormier
Chris Cummins
Mary Dempster
Brian Donovan
Natalie Doyle Oldfield
Roxanne Fairweather
Jim Foran
Gene Fowler
Dennis Furlong
James Gallagher
Marc Gallant
David Ganong
Andre Gauvin
Jeff Harriman
Dr. Bob Hatheway
David Hawkins
Greg Hemmings
Blaine Higgs
Susan Holt
William Howatt
Paul Huestis
Jol Hunter
Luann Jones-Foster
Ron Keefe
Dianne Kelderman
Brenda Kelleher-Flight
Dr. Mary Kilfoil
Peter Klohn
Barry Kyle
Aldéa Landry
Gordie Lavoie
Dr. Ed Leach
Jean Marc Landry
Jean LeBlanc
Nicole LeBlanc
Marcel LeBrun
Thérèse Léger
Dana Lloyd
Jim D Lutes
Alex MacBeath
Matt Macdonald
Andrew MacGillivray
Sandy MacIver
Terry Malley
Bob Manning
Donald J. McDougall
Francis McGuire
Dr. John McLaughlin
Dave Miller
Larry Nelson
Laura O'Blenis
Derek Oland
Thor Olesen
Adrienne O'Pray
Marilyn Orr
Robert Orr
Brian Ostroski
Robert Owens
Yves Page
Stephen Palmer
Corey Poirier
Gerry Pond
Lynn Richard
Teena Robichaud
David Rogers
Dawn Russell
Hal Somers
Al Sturgeon
Merv Symes
Camille Thériault
Marie Jo Thibault
Dale Thibodeau
Pierre Thibodeau
Gaëtan Thomas
Dave Veale
André Vincent
Wendy Vrooman
Chris Weir
Bob Youden
Robert Cowan
Marc Dutil
Dr. Andrew Furey
Lance Greggain
Carol Harding
Stephen Heckbert
Paul Johnson
Paul Kearley
Ross Laird
Shawna M Leighton
Francesco Lombardo
Bruce McLeod
Mark MacLeod
Andrea Mandel-Campbell
Alex Manu
Gair Maxwell
Michael McCain
Bruce McLeod
Mikael Meir
Françoise Morissette
Ken Morse
Alan Murray
Brendan Paddick
Barry Perry
Kelly Peters
Michael Ritchie
Karen Sheriff
Murray Simser
Sanjay Singhal
Geoff Smith
Kevin Smith
George Stevens
Heather Tulk
Mike Vanderlee
Bob Westrope
Lyle R. Wetsch
Kenneth Wong


Speaker resources are constantly being added. Get in contact if you have ideas and recommendations, or if you would like to become involved yourself.